Loom Knitting Scarf-Spiration

Photo by Jennie McStotts

I know we have some extremely prolific loom knitters in The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project.  So, in the last of the scarf-spiration series, I’m going to feature three scarf patterns for loom knitters, and other crafters, to be inspired by.

3 Great Loom Knitting Patterns

Fairies Wear Boots:  Ok, I know this isn’t a scarf pattern, per se, but it IS a cowl, which is also a great item to donate to WUL.  Written and available through Ravelry via Led Balloon Designs and written by Beth Theuring, this is a beautiful garment.  Check it out!

Dudester Scarf for the Loom: Written by Anna Marie Wright and available on Ravelry, this is a great textured scarf for both guys and gals.  We do not get enough scarves that are appropriate for men, or both men and women.  This is your pattern for that!

Nymphalidea for the Loom:  Ok, when I saw this scarf, I couldn’t believe it was knit on a loom, but it was!  You need to see it for yourself!  Loom knitters, if you want a challenge and to donate something really special to WUL, this pattern would be awesome for that.  Written by Joann Gay of Frog Pond Designs, you can get it over on Ravelry.

That’s it for the scarf-spiration series!  Just for fun, and if you’ve missed any of the other posts, here they are one more time for your  reading and inspirational pleasure.

Happy, knitting, crocheting, weaving, no-sewing, and loom knitting!

Event: Stitch N’Pitch at the Lancaster Barnstormers

Flying Fibers, a yarn store in Landisville, PA, USA, will be hosing a Stitch N’Pitch at the Lancaster Barnstormers home game on July 17, 2016.  Contact Flying Fibers if you are interested in going.

This is going to be a great game!  Not only will there be a fleece-to-scarf demonstration done by a group of 4-H kids, Flying Fibers is encouraging all items knit during the game be donated to The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, as will the scarf the 4-H’ers make.  Thank you so much!

Contact Info for Flying Fibers:

329 Main St. Landisville, PA  (717) 898-8020



Big WUL Giveaway: The WINNERS!

The Big WUL Giveaway:  Take 2 has ended, and the winners have been drawn!  Here they are, in no particular order.  Congratulations to all who won, and EVERYONE who entered will be receiving a Wrap Up, Lancaster!  Project tote bag!

Cotton Supreme yarn (Universal Yarn Inc) 100% cotton - 180yd/hank. Donated by Flying Fibers, Landisville, PA

Cotton Supreme Yarn and Kegel’s Gift Card:  Jenn Dixon

Karoake Yarn and Building Character Basket:  Bethany Storms

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Jan Hamby

Beauty Basket by My Beauty in a Bottle - locally made anti-aging skin care products

Reiki Session, Massage, and Beauty Basket, and Kegel’s Gift Card:  Cathy Stephens

Custom Hula Hoop and Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project tee:  Amy Antonucci (Amy,  e-mail wrapuplancaster@gmail.com with your choice of color:  gray or green.)

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Dorcas Martzall

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Rebecca (Rebecca, we need to get in touch with you!  E-mail wrapuplancaster@gmail.com and let us know your last name and e-mail!)

Angelia Reed will be getting in touch with each of you to get your prizes to you.   Thank you to all who entered and to those who donated prizes.  We appreciate your support!

Crochet Patterns for Scarf-spiration

Ok, we’ve covered three knitting patterns that would be great for The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, but I know A LOT of you out there crochet.  If you are stuck in a crochet rut this summer, and need some “scarf-spiration,” here are three great patterns for you.

Three Great Crochet Scarf Patterns

Slip Slope Scarf Pattern:  Vashti Braha created this clever crochet scarf using short rows.  It’s adorable, and would be great for any crocheter looking to learn a new technique.  It’s free on Ravelry!

Slip Slope Scarf: Crochet Short Rows Can Be Fun!

Twisted Crochet Neckwarmer:  This crocheted infinity scarf was made by accident by its creator, Anneka Weise over at Crochet in Paternoster.  She includes detailed instructions and diagrams in her blog post about her creation.  Hop on over there, again, it’s free!

Scarf with Pockets: Why not crochet a scarf that can keep both your neck AND hands warm?  I like this clever scarf over on Ravelry by Justine Vo.  Again, this would be a great pattern for beginner and veteran crocheters alike!  It’s a free pattern, too!

So, crocheters, got some ideas?  Want to share some here in the comments with us?  We’d love to hear from you!

Next up, weavers, I know there are a few of you out there who donate scarves to WUL!  I will be sharing a few scarf-spirational patterns for you next!

Oh, and for everyone, we’ve got a Pinterest board with a lot more great ideas.  Take a look and we’d love for your to follow it!

Oh, and hey! Don’t forget about The Big WUL Giveaway: Take 2!

The Big WUL Giveaway:  Take 2 ends at MIDNIGHT JULY 8, 2016!!!!  You only need to comment to enter!  There are two other ways to get additional entries, as well.


Knitting Inspiration in Warm Weather

Once the weather usually turns warmer, a lot of knitters, such as myself, run into “knitters’ block.”  I don’t know what to knit and I want some inspiration!  Still, the warm weather months are an excellent time to get ready for the colder ones.  Thinking ahead, here are three scarf patterns that are excellent for you to knit during the hot summer to get ready for the cooler ones that will be upon us before you know it.

Three Great Scarf Patterns

Full Circle Button Scarf:  This first pattern was written by WUL founder, Angelia Reed!  It’s a beautiful scarf pattern that she designed and is selling for $4.00 on Ravelry.  Quality patterns a rare gems online, and this is one of them. I’ve seen the finished product of this scarf in person, and it’s gorgeous.

MissMarple Scarf:  Now, this is one of my personal favorites.  It’s a keyhole scarf, meaning that it’s constructed so that you can slip one end into a loop on the other, and keep the draft off your neck.  Actually, it’s just easier to show you a picture.  This one is free, but the measurements are in metric, so you will have to do a little math to figure out your gauge and measurements.

Jenn's Miss Marple Scarf

Not a Celebrity Scarf (But it Should Be):  This particular pattern has a special place in my heart; it’s where I learned basic increasing and decreasing right after I started knitting.  Written by knitting manufacturer Skacel, this pattern is knit it one piece, but looks like modular triangles.  It looks great in slow color changing ombre yarns.  It’s great for both beginners and advanced knitters.  Oh, and it’s free, too.

Do you have a little more warm weather inspiration for knitting?

Crocheters, I’ll hit you guys up next post with some great ideas.

In the meantime, you have two tasks.  First, comment here with what your favorite go-to scarf pattern is.  Share you knowledge with us!  Second, hop on over to the Big WUL Giveaway:  Take 2 page and enter if you haven’t already!  Just a comment and a few shares will enter you in a drawing for great stuff!



Baseball Game Wrap Up

The Wrap Up! Lancaster Project had a very successful night at the June 24th game of the Lancaster Barnstormers, where WUL founder Angelia Reed threw the first pitch of the game as a part of her being honored by the Emerald Foundation’s Hometown Hero.  She did awesome!

Member of WUL were treated to great seats to watch the game, and we generated a lot of interest at the information table we had set up.  Thank you to all who visited us!

There was one special moment at the table when a woman came up to us.  She seemed like she was a bit down on her luck, but after we told her who we are and what we do, she perked up and said, “I took one of those scarves off a tree!”  She was quite happy to learn who we were, and we were glad to know that we made a difference in her life, too.

Here’s a video of Angelia throwing the first pitch!

We also have some great photo we’d like to share.  If you were in attendance at the game and took any photos or video, please pass them along to us on our Facebook page.


Angelia's picture in Clipper Magazin Stadium!

Angelia's profile in the Barnstormers program.


Angelia's certificate of appreciation.


Angelia and CJ with Cylo!

Me, Jenn Dixon, with Cylo! Amy and Sam are in the background.

Thank you the Lancaster Barnstormers, The Emerald Foundation, and YOU for a great night at the ballgame!

The Big WUL Giveaway: More Prizes

The Big WUL Giveaway has more prizes to announce, and they are good.  First off, here’s how to enter.  And, see the rest of our cool prizes over here, too.


Prize #8:

Kegel's Produce logo

Kegel’s Produce is donating 5 $25.00 gift certificates good for a fruit basket or vegetable tray.  That’s 5 chances to win!


Prize #9:

jennabe hoops logo

Jenn Dixon of Jennabee Hoops is donating one custom adult hula hoop and a one hour lesson on how to hoop.  Get in shape and have some fun doing it!


Convinced to join in?  Again:  INSTRUCTIONS HERE, and MORE PRIZES HERE.

Article Featuring WUL Founder, Angelia Reed

Wrap Up, Lancaster’s (WUL) founder, Angelia Reed, will be throwing out the first pitch of the June 24, 2016 game of the Lancaster Barnstormers.  She is being honored as a one of the Emerald Foundations‘ Emerald Hometown Hero.  Congratulations, Angelia!

Read the article below about Angelia that is currently in the Barnstormers program.

Article featuring Angelia Reed has Hometown Hero

Also, Blue Ridge Cable subscribers, Angelia is being interviewed by Sarah Veronis of BRC Cable 11 News for broadcast either the evening or late news.


For those attending the game, WUL will be having a table at there, and is looking for volunteers to staff it.  We will be giving out information, as well as selling tee and totes.  The more people volunteer, more of the game you get to watch! E-mail wrapuplancaster@gmail.com to sign up.


Don’t forget about the Big WUL Giveaway, and keep an eye out for more prizes!

The Big WUL Giveaway: Prizes!

The prizes are rolling in for the The Big WUL Giveaway!  Here they are, along with the donors.

Prize #1:

karaoke yarn (South West Trading Company) 50% soy silk, 50% wool - 50gram/skein. Donated by Flying Fibers, Landisville, PA.

Karaoke Yarn (South West Trading Company) 50% soy silk, 50% wool – 50gram/skein. Donated by Flying Fibers, Landisville, PA.

Prize #2:


Cotton Supreme Yarn (Universal Yarn Inc) 100% cotton – 180yd/hank.
Donated by Flying Fibers, Landisville, PA

Prize #3:

Beauty Basket by My Beauty in a Bottle - locally made anti-aging skin care products
Beauty Basket by My Beauty in a Bottle – Made right here in Lancaster, PA!

Prize #4:

 60 minute Therapeutic Massage by SuperNatural Well Being, LLC

Prize #5:

Reiki Session by SuperNatural Well Being, LLC.

Prize #6

A $25 gift certificate to Citronnelle Restaurant (Lancaster). If you've never been there, you should go - their food is amazing!
$25 gift certificate to Citronnelle Restaurant (Lancaster, PA).


Wrap Up, Lancaster Logo
Wrap Up, Lancaster! totes and t-shirts!

The Big WUL Giveaway!

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) is having The Big WUL Giveaway to celebrate our new blog!  We want you to participate to get some awesome prizes.

Now here’s the key, it’s a fundraiser for WUL, too!  With your generous donation(s), you will get not only the satisfaction of helping a great cause, but also get the chance to win something cool.  It’s a win-win for both of us!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Head on over to our GoFundMe page, and made a donation of $5 or more.
  2. Email wrapuplancaster@gmail.com for each donation. You can donate and enter as many times as you want! Be sure to have “Donated” and the dollar amount in the subject lineMake sure to list your first and last name in the text of the e-mail.
  3. Each $5 donation will get you one entry.
  4. Winners will be drawn 7/1/16, and notified of their winnings by email.
  5. If we meet or exceed our campaign goal by midnight 6/30/16, every entry will be doubled (you’ll get a second entry for every entry you have).

Stay tuned to the blog here to see the prizes you can have a chance to enter. Why  not bookmark it? In the meantime, now’s a good time to get started on your entries!  We would also love it if you’d share this post on Facebook and other places on social media to get the word out.  The buttons at the bottom of the post work great for that!

Head on over to the GoFundMe page to get started!