Loom Knitting Scarf-Spiration

Photo by Jennie McStotts

I know we have some extremely prolific loom knitters in The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project.  So, in the last of the scarf-spiration series, I’m going to feature three scarf patterns for loom knitters, and other crafters, to be inspired by.

3 Great Loom Knitting Patterns

Fairies Wear Boots:  Ok, I know this isn’t a scarf pattern, per se, but it IS a cowl, which is also a great item to donate to WUL.  Written and available through Ravelry via Led Balloon Designs and written by Beth Theuring, this is a beautiful garment.  Check it out!

Dudester Scarf for the Loom: Written by Anna Marie Wright and available on Ravelry, this is a great textured scarf for both guys and gals.  We do not get enough scarves that are appropriate for men, or both men and women.  This is your pattern for that!

Nymphalidea for the Loom:  Ok, when I saw this scarf, I couldn’t believe it was knit on a loom, but it was!  You need to see it for yourself!  Loom knitters, if you want a challenge and to donate something really special to WUL, this pattern would be awesome for that.  Written by Joann Gay of Frog Pond Designs, you can get it over on Ravelry.

That’s it for the scarf-spiration series!  Just for fun, and if you’ve missed any of the other posts, here they are one more time for your  reading and inspirational pleasure.

Happy, knitting, crocheting, weaving, no-sewing, and loom knitting!

Weaving Scarf-Spiration

Photo by LollyKnit

So, we’ve explored knitting and crochet patterns for knitting scarves for The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, now it’s time for the weavers who have made us scarves in the past to get a little scarf-spiration of their own!

Three Great Scarf Patterns for Weaving

Cricket Scarf with Noro Yarn:  Yarndeb is working on this beautiful woven scarf and shared it on Ravelry.  She is using a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom.  I think her work so far is beautiful, and she is using a plain weave that compliments Noro’s lovely yarn colorways.

Mermaid Scarf: Lisa Rayner’s Mermaid Scarf is gorgeous!  It’s available as an e-book, and it actually featured on the cover of the publication.

Fervent Scarf:  Thing4string made a lovely scarf using a 25″ Schacht Flip loom.  Read her project notes for how she created it for her mother using beautiful handspun yarn.

There you go, weavers!  Three scarves to inspire you during the warmer weather.  And it sure has been warm around here.  Warp your looms and start creating!

No-sew crafters, you’re next!

Crochet Patterns for Scarf-spiration

Ok, we’ve covered three knitting patterns that would be great for The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, but I know A LOT of you out there crochet.  If you are stuck in a crochet rut this summer, and need some “scarf-spiration,” here are three great patterns for you.

Three Great Crochet Scarf Patterns

Slip Slope Scarf Pattern:  Vashti Braha created this clever crochet scarf using short rows.  It’s adorable, and would be great for any crocheter looking to learn a new technique.  It’s free on Ravelry!

Slip Slope Scarf: Crochet Short Rows Can Be Fun!

Twisted Crochet Neckwarmer:  This crocheted infinity scarf was made by accident by its creator, Anneka Weise over at Crochet in Paternoster.  She includes detailed instructions and diagrams in her blog post about her creation.  Hop on over there, again, it’s free!

Scarf with Pockets: Why not crochet a scarf that can keep both your neck AND hands warm?  I like this clever scarf over on Ravelry by Justine Vo.  Again, this would be a great pattern for beginner and veteran crocheters alike!  It’s a free pattern, too!

So, crocheters, got some ideas?  Want to share some here in the comments with us?  We’d love to hear from you!

Next up, weavers, I know there are a few of you out there who donate scarves to WUL!  I will be sharing a few scarf-spirational patterns for you next!

Oh, and for everyone, we’ve got a Pinterest board with a lot more great ideas.  Take a look and we’d love for your to follow it!

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