January Events

I’m sure we can all agree that the weather has been relatively unpleasant lately, with it being all cold, and sometimes rainy.  That’s make what we do here at The Wrap Up! Project all the more important!  Speaking of getting ready, here are a few January events that that we need your help with.

Tagging Party

The next tagging party will take place at Kegel’s Produce on January 26, 2017 from 6:30pm-9pm.  The more hands we have there to help tag, the quicker it gets done.  Bring along your current project and we’ll socialize, too!  Sign up here on the Facebook page for this event.


The next scarf-bombing will take place January 31, 2017 around the Lancaster YWCA.  A need for warm items has been expressed for that area, so we’re going to step up to the challenge and meet there.  After we are done in Lancaster, it’s off to scarf-bomb the Columbia Presbyterian Church, as is usually the case.  Let us know you’re coming on the Facebook page for this particular event.

That’s what’s happening with WUP in the next few weeks.  We hope to see you at one or both January events!  The more help we have, the quicker it goes, and we have a good time doing what we do, too.

The Big WUL Giveaway: More Prizes

The Big WUL Giveaway has more prizes to announce, and they are good.  First off, here’s how to enter.  And, see the rest of our cool prizes over here, too.


Prize #8:

Kegel's Produce logo

Kegel’s Produce is donating 5 $25.00 gift certificates good for a fruit basket or vegetable tray.  That’s 5 chances to win!


Prize #9:

jennabe hoops logo

Jenn Dixon of Jennabee Hoops is donating one custom adult hula hoop and a one hour lesson on how to hoop.  Get in shape and have some fun doing it!


Convinced to join in?  Again:  INSTRUCTIONS HERE, and MORE PRIZES HERE.