Holiday Crafting and Giving

If you are like me, you are in the midst of holiday crafting and giving.  It’s a crazy time of year for crafters, and, hey, if you are looking for ideas, how about this post or this post for inspiration?

Still, this is a time of giving and generosity.  Many causes and groups are looking for donations, and it’s tough to decide which to donate to.  We would ask that you would consider WUP in your holiday giving, not just with your fantastic donations of handmade items, but we need monetary funds, too, to pay for things like tagging supplies and storage for all of great stuff that gets donated.

If you would kindly visit out GoFundMe page and consider us in you holiday giving, it would greatly appreciated and put to excellent use.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


The Big WUL Giveaway!

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) is having The Big WUL Giveaway to celebrate our new blog!  We want you to participate to get some awesome prizes.

Now here’s the key, it’s a fundraiser for WUL, too!  With your generous donation(s), you will get not only the satisfaction of helping a great cause, but also get the chance to win something cool.  It’s a win-win for both of us!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Head on over to our GoFundMe page, and made a donation of $5 or more.
  2. Email for each donation. You can donate and enter as many times as you want! Be sure to have “Donated” and the dollar amount in the subject lineMake sure to list your first and last name in the text of the e-mail.
  3. Each $5 donation will get you one entry.
  4. Winners will be drawn 7/1/16, and notified of their winnings by email.
  5. If we meet or exceed our campaign goal by midnight 6/30/16, every entry will be doubled (you’ll get a second entry for every entry you have).

Stay tuned to the blog here to see the prizes you can have a chance to enter. Why  not bookmark it? In the meantime, now’s a good time to get started on your entries!  We would also love it if you’d share this post on Facebook and other places on social media to get the word out.  The buttons at the bottom of the post work great for that!

Head on over to the GoFundMe page to get started!