BIG Changes..and We’re Growing!

You may have noticed some big changes around here! Due to our growing organization, we have changed the name of Wrap Up, Lancaster! to The Wrap Up! Project.  Why, may ask?  We’re glad you did!

WUP has now grown outside Lancaster County, and we wanted a name that would encompass the different chapters, such as the Wrap Up! Project Capitol Region that will be starting this fall.  We are excited that we’re growing!

Speaking of growing.

We would like to introduce Karen Zimmerman as our Fundraising Officer!  Karen brings fundraising experience from working with her local fire company.  We are still looking for a vice president and a scouting officer, so let us know if you’re interested!

And speaking for more growing.

We want to welcome Eleanor Grace Storms to the WUP family.  Eleanor is the daughter of Bethany, one of the first WUP members and a planning committee member.  Congratulations Bethany and Ben on the birth of your baby girl!  Mother and child are doing well.

Eleanor Grace Storms

We need YOU!

Indeed!  We need YOU!  WUL is looking for a few volunteers to help as organizers and officers.  There is already a committee in place, but if you want to help, and have the skills and talents that fit the job, we would love to hear from you!

Serving on our planning committee is a also a great opportunity for those who want to contribute to WUL, but don’t knit, crochet, or do other crafts.  Here are the volunteer positions we are looking to fill.

Vice President:  I know, the VEEP position has been very limited, but we have a purpose in mind for this position.  We want our vice president to be in charge of GOALS.  We would set our goals in our meetings.

Fundraising Officer:  Have a knack for raising money?  Got some creative ideas to bring in an a flow of income?  This is the position for you!  The fundraising officer would organize fundraisers, obviously, for WUL so we can get supplies, pay for storage, tags, and other expenses that would come up.

Scouting Officer:   Know the area really well?  Know of a need in places we may be missing?  The scouting officer would find places that would be willing to take scarf donations to pick up, as well as find locations for us to scarf bomb, too.

All three positions would be asked to join monthly Skype meetings on the first Monday of each month, starting in October and to keep on track with their respective duties.

Interested?  E-mail and let us know how you would like to help!  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Scarf Making Party

Amber Kane of Fabricated Ends, and an arts instructor associated with the PA Guild of Craftsmen, saw our call for scarves on the here on the blog and Facebook, and decided to do something about our need.  She is having a scarf making party, and all items made during it will be donated to WUL!  We thank you, Amber, for your thoughtfulness!

Want to attend?  Here are the details, as per her information on her e-mail list.

Date: Saturday , Sept 10, 2016
Time: 10-2pm ( you don’t need to be there the whole time)
Where: Her house in Lancaster, PA (message her on Facebook for details)
Cost: FREE

You can also get info about the party on Facebook.  If you are interested in attending, you can contact her on that post or via a message.


Hey, We’re on Ravelry!

Did you know that The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) has a group on Ravelry?  We do, and we’d love for you to join in, discuss your projects, and share what you working on in the group.  Head on over and click the “Join this group” button in the upper right hand corner!

Ravelry is a great website for those of knit and crochet, but also for weavers and loom knitters, too.  You can get great patterns, and connect with others with similar interests at the same time.

That’s why we also want you to join the WUL Ravelry group, and start connecting with each other.  Head on over there now!  Keep in mind, you must be a Ravelry member to join the group, if you aren’t already.  If you aren’t on Ravelry, sign up; it’s free!


In case you missed it, we need scarves!

Seriously, we do!  We’re scarf bombers!  We need scarves to leave out for people to take in the cold weather months, and it’s now August.  September will be here before we know it, and then fall, and then the third season of WUL begins in October.  We need scarves!

We have plenty of hats, and we like that, really.  We appreciate it!  But, scarves are out main deal, and we are running short on them.  So, get your fingers knitting, crocheting, weaving, loom knitting, or no-sewing!

Drop off locations are listed here, and they are scattered throughout the county.  Most won’t accept items until October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t starting creating scarves NOW.

It may seem silly to make scarves in the dead heat of summer, but it’s also a great time to prepare for colder weather, too.

Did I mention we need scarves?

Loom Knitting Scarf-Spiration

Photo by Jennie McStotts

I know we have some extremely prolific loom knitters in The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project.  So, in the last of the scarf-spiration series, I’m going to feature three scarf patterns for loom knitters, and other crafters, to be inspired by.

3 Great Loom Knitting Patterns

Fairies Wear Boots:  Ok, I know this isn’t a scarf pattern, per se, but it IS a cowl, which is also a great item to donate to WUL.  Written and available through Ravelry via Led Balloon Designs and written by Beth Theuring, this is a beautiful garment.  Check it out!

Dudester Scarf for the Loom: Written by Anna Marie Wright and available on Ravelry, this is a great textured scarf for both guys and gals.  We do not get enough scarves that are appropriate for men, or both men and women.  This is your pattern for that!

Nymphalidea for the Loom:  Ok, when I saw this scarf, I couldn’t believe it was knit on a loom, but it was!  You need to see it for yourself!  Loom knitters, if you want a challenge and to donate something really special to WUL, this pattern would be awesome for that.  Written by Joann Gay of Frog Pond Designs, you can get it over on Ravelry.

That’s it for the scarf-spiration series!  Just for fun, and if you’ve missed any of the other posts, here they are one more time for your  reading and inspirational pleasure.

Happy, knitting, crocheting, weaving, no-sewing, and loom knitting!

No Sew Scarf-spiration

Photo by Allen County (IN) Public Library

Don’t sew, knit, or crochet?  That’s ok!  There’s plenty of scarf-spiration out there for, including hats!  I’ve got some great ideas that you can do with just a measuring tape, scissor, fleece, and a little time.  Let’s get started for all the no sewers, and everyone else, out there.

Three Great No Sew Patterns

No Sew Frilly Fleece Hat and Scarf:  Head on over to the blog Purple Hues and Me to check out this set that would be AWESOME for The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project.  The blog post containing the patterns includes wonderful instructions and pictures to get your started creating this adorable set.

Great Little Neck Scarf CleverlyInspired has a cool take on the classic fisherman’s scarf here in her post that included again instructions that not only written, but also includes photos for visual learners.  You could probably whip up a bunch of these in no time!

Easy Peasy No-Sew Breezy Yarn Scarf:  Of course, I was going to throw in something with yarn!  This great scarf is over on Instructables, and user BigSkyCntry did a great job explaining how to make this scarf yourself, complete with photos.

Bonus Pattern!!

Since I want to encourage as many people as possible to contribute to The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, here’s one more no sew pattern, but its for those who ambitious, and its something I want to try myself.

Instructions for Nuno Felted Scarf:  This is a pattern purchase on Etsy, but looks like a beautiful project I had to share here.  Again, no sewing!  I may have to go buy this right now.  I have seen scarves like this in person, and they are gorgeous.

That’s what I got for now.  Next up, I’ll give you some loom knit patterns, as I know many of your out there are very prolific loom knitters, and that’s awesome!

To get some scarf-spiration and more, head on over to our Pinterest board.

Weaving Scarf-Spiration

Photo by LollyKnit

So, we’ve explored knitting and crochet patterns for knitting scarves for The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, now it’s time for the weavers who have made us scarves in the past to get a little scarf-spiration of their own!

Three Great Scarf Patterns for Weaving

Cricket Scarf with Noro Yarn:  Yarndeb is working on this beautiful woven scarf and shared it on Ravelry.  She is using a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom.  I think her work so far is beautiful, and she is using a plain weave that compliments Noro’s lovely yarn colorways.

Mermaid Scarf: Lisa Rayner’s Mermaid Scarf is gorgeous!  It’s available as an e-book, and it actually featured on the cover of the publication.

Fervent Scarf:  Thing4string made a lovely scarf using a 25″ Schacht Flip loom.  Read her project notes for how she created it for her mother using beautiful handspun yarn.

There you go, weavers!  Three scarves to inspire you during the warmer weather.  And it sure has been warm around here.  Warp your looms and start creating!

No-sew crafters, you’re next!

Event: Stitch N’Pitch at the Lancaster Barnstormers

Flying Fibers, a yarn store in Landisville, PA, USA, will be hosing a Stitch N’Pitch at the Lancaster Barnstormers home game on July 17, 2016.  Contact Flying Fibers if you are interested in going.

This is going to be a great game!  Not only will there be a fleece-to-scarf demonstration done by a group of 4-H kids, Flying Fibers is encouraging all items knit during the game be donated to The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project, as will the scarf the 4-H’ers make.  Thank you so much!

Contact Info for Flying Fibers:

329 Main St. Landisville, PA  (717) 898-8020


Big WUL Giveaway: The WINNERS!

The Big WUL Giveaway:  Take 2 has ended, and the winners have been drawn!  Here they are, in no particular order.  Congratulations to all who won, and EVERYONE who entered will be receiving a Wrap Up, Lancaster!  Project tote bag!

Cotton Supreme yarn (Universal Yarn Inc) 100% cotton - 180yd/hank. Donated by Flying Fibers, Landisville, PA

Cotton Supreme Yarn and Kegel’s Gift Card:  Jenn Dixon

Karoake Yarn and Building Character Basket:  Bethany Storms

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Jan Hamby

Beauty Basket by My Beauty in a Bottle - locally made anti-aging skin care products

Reiki Session, Massage, and Beauty Basket, and Kegel’s Gift Card:  Cathy Stephens

Custom Hula Hoop and Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project tee:  Amy Antonucci (Amy,  e-mail with your choice of color:  gray or green.)

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Dorcas Martzall

Kegel’s Gift Card:  Rebecca (Rebecca, we need to get in touch with you!  E-mail and let us know your last name and e-mail!)

Angelia Reed will be getting in touch with each of you to get your prizes to you.   Thank you to all who entered and to those who donated prizes.  We appreciate your support!