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Whew! It’s 2020, and time get back to scarf-bombing. Have you been busy getting scarves together?

First, the January scarf-bombing (1/8/20) is still ON for tonight in Binn’s Park, Lancaster, PA. Dress warmly. It will be cold. For more information and to let us know you are coming, please check out the Facebook event page here:

Next, we’ve all heard about those horrible wildfires in Australia. People have lots everything, and the unique wildlife Down Under is in danger, too! Crafty? Here’s a recent article in LNP about how you can help. Not crafty? Money is needed, too! You can donate this is rescue that is spearheading wildlife rescue efforts.

Lastly, as a note that we need to make, if you receive the WUP newsletter via e-mail, please note that the address at the bottom of the e-mail is NOT a drop off point, but rather a private residence. All of our drop off points are clearly outlined here.

We have a lot to do, both locally and globally!

October Scarf-Bombing Wrap-up

Last night on October 24, 2017, the Wrap Up! Project ventured into Lancaster and Columbia to scarf-bomb.  It may have been a warm day, but the night was cool, and people were out and about.  It was a great time to have a scarf-bombing!

Cub Scout 58 from Willow Street came out and lent their time and talents to distributing scarves last night.  Thanks, guys!  You did a great job!  We always welcome groups and members of the community to come out and help.

Cub Scouts helping out!

Cub Scout Pack 58 members

All of our volunteers who came out last night did a great job!  Even the furry ones!  Thank you guys for your help.

Dog in a scarf!

Here are a few more photos of the scarf-bombing around Penn Square and Columbia Presbyterian Church.  Read more in Erin Negly’s great article today in LNP!


As for me, Jenn the Tech Gal, I was walking to work today and saw two people happily walking along with two of the scarves that were put out last night, tags fluttering in the breeze.  It felt so good to see that!  We are making a difference.  YOU are making a difference.  Keep up the good work!

Have you heard about our upcoming event at The Speckled Sheep on October 31, 2017?  WUP will be having a Sit and Stitch, and you are invited!  LNP will be there to cover the event, so we would love it if you’d come out!  Be sure to RSVP and let us know you are coming on our Facebook event page.


The Ephrata Situation

Photo courtesy of LNP

Wow.  The Wrap Up! Project has had an interesting week, to say the least, due to a situation in Ephrata, PA, USA where our first scarf bombing there drew complaints from a few individuals that veterans’ memorial pictured above was being “defaced” by our group leaving items out there.  As a result, the police chief in Ephrata told us to remove the items, which we did, or they would be disposed of.

The result of this situation has brought out quite an outcry of citizens in support of WUP’s work.  And a result of that has been a media frenzy for WUP’s founder, Angelia Reed.  She was interviewed by LNP/LancasterOnline, BRC News 11, WGAL Channel 8, WMPT Fox 43, and Penn Live. I encourage you to head on over to the WUP Facebook page for more information about the situation, what we’re going to do about it, and for further updates.

I’ll leave you with links of two of the articles that are available for your to read.

I’ll update here, too, with what’s going on with the future of Ephrata scarf bombings.

-Jenn, WUP’s Web Guru