Upcoming Events

WUP has a lot on its plate in the next few weeks, so we’d like to inform you of a few upcoming events, and we’d love to see you there!  We need you to help with tagging items, coming out for the first scarf-bombing in Ephrata, and help us raise funds by dining out.  Below are the details for each event.

Tagging Party on September 30, 2016

We did blog about this a while back, but we want to remind you that the party will be 7pm-9pm at Kegel’s Produce in Lancaster, PA.  Interested in helping out tagging donated items, noshing on goodies, and chatting with other yarnies and volunteers?  Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

Iron Hill Brewery Give 20 on November 7, 2016

Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA is hosting at Give 20 for WUP on November 7, 2016 during the hours of 11:30am-11pm.  What does that mean?  If you present a coupon to your server when paying your bill during that time frame, Iron Hill Brewery is going to donate 20 percent of your check total to WUP.  How cool is that?! Get coupons here, and hand them out to family and friends!  Let us know if you’re coming on the Facebook event page, too!

That’s what’s on the plate for those of at WUP.   We are still in need of SCARVES.  This is an exciting time as the season starts next month!

WUL Season 3 Preparations

We’ve got a lot to talk about, people, as we are getting underway for WUL Season 3 scarf-bombings.  Preparations need to be made, and we need YOUR help!

As for right now, we have 119 scarves, 236 hats, 1 pair of fingerless mitts, and 1 knitted ear muff.  We would like to have about 300 scarves to get the season going, so we can put 100 out at each location.  We need 180 more scarves!

In the meantime, let’s start with what needs to be done with WUL Season 3 preparations.

Ephrata, PA

WUL is looking to start scarf-bombing in Ephrata, PA every other month during the season, as long as we have donations.  What we need in Ephrata is:

  • A Business as a Donation Drop-off Point.  We need a good business in Ephrata to act as a drop-off point for donations.  Do you own a business there or have a suggestion?  Let us know at info@wrapuplancaster.org.
  • A Point Person.  We are looking for a volunteer to act as a point person for Ephrata to pick up donated items, arrange for drop-off locations, and find good scarf-bombing locations.  Feel like you are a good fit for this volunteer position?  Email us at info@wrapuplancaster.org!

Planning Committee

Next on the agenda, is that WUL is looking for volunteers to be on a planning committee.  This would be a monthly meeting, and a desire to help plan the direction of WUL, such as helping us become a non-profit, raising money, how we can have an income stream, and expanding the project.  If you think you fit the bill, e-mail us at info@wrapuplancaster.org.

Other News

If you need yarn, WUL has a small stash that would be gladly given to someone to make scarves with.  Contact us at info@wrapuplancaster.org if you are interested.  Remember, Lancaster Creative Reuse, and The Art of Recycle in Ephrata, PA are excellent places to get cheap yarn that would be perfect for scarves!

Second, we would like to thank the Red Rows Knitting Guild for their recent monetary donation!  We appreciate it!

That’s the new you can use for WUL as of right now.  Please consider not only donating scarves, but your time as well.  We need YOU to be involved and active in WUL.