Photo from CNN

It’s awesome to know that The Wrap Up! Project isn’t the only group out there doing scarf-bombings.  Here are 3 scarf-bombing stories to show you how this movement is growing around the country, and to encourage you to start a similar project in your area.

Manchester, New Hampshire

Over 400 scarves were left in a park in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA in the beginning of November 2016.  The photo above is from that scarf-bombing.  The story not only attracted local news outlets, but also CNN, as well, where the above photo is from.  Here’s a video of the news story WMUR ran about this event.

Heart Eternal

Heart Eternal wrote about the scarf-bombing phenomenon on their site, mentioning that Seymour, Indiana, USA has been doing scarf-bombing in their own community, and that it has become a trend in areas around them.  Read the article, and see how scarf-bombing is growing in the Mid West.


GoodNewsNetwork ran a story on their site about different locations scarf-bombing has grown, such as Easton, Pennsylvania, USA.  Detroit, Michigan, USA and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada also have scarf-bombing projects going on in those cities, too.

It’s so cool to see how scarf-bombings have been popping up all over the country, and internationally, too!  I hope these 3 scarf-bombing stories have inspired you, especially if there is a need in your community that would benefit from similar projects.

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