Hey, everyone! The next scarf-bombing for the Wrap Up! Project will be November 24, 2020 at 7pm at Crossroads Mennonite Church, 401 Church St, Lancaster, PA 17602. After that, we will head to the Columbia Presbyterian Church in Columbia, PA, located at Locust and 4th Sts, roughly around 8pm.

Now, Crossroad Mennonite Church is a special place because it houses a day shelter for the local homeless population that is run by the a charity called Rebel Cause. Rebel Cause, founded by Kaden Stetler, is a caring group of Star Wars fans who ultimately want to help out the less fortunate in our community, and are doing just that!

We want to show our support for what Rebel Cause is doing by putting out scarves and other cold weather hand made items out for those coming to the shelter, or anyone, to take.

Keep in mind this is flu season and we are still amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Please practice social distancing at the scarf-bombing and ultimately, please wear a mask.


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