We have a lot of fun during the WUP scarf bombings!  Take a look and see what we do though these photos.

Angelia Reed at Steinman Park in Lancaster, PA

Wow, look at all those donations!


Some of the items WUL has put out.

A bench full of items for WUL!

A pink cowl ready to to taken.

Items donated to WUL to be sold at a craft show.

Angelia Reed and Jenn Dixon representing WUL at a craft show.

A donated scarf.

WUL volunteers braving the cold to start a scarf-bombing!


Getting ready to go!

A happy recipient!

If you have any photo of The Wrap Up! Project and would like to share them, please e-mail us at info@wrapuplancaster.org!  You will be given full credit for each photo.