Knit Items at Columbia Presbyterian Church

Great Night of Scarf-Bombing

Wow!  What a great night of scarf-bombing last night!  The Wrap Up! Project went out to Penn Square in Lancaster, PA, USA and the Columbia Presbyterian Church in Columbia, PA, USA.  We put out hundreds of handmade hats and scarves for people to take, and had fun doing it!

It was a windy night in Lancaster yesterday and freezing temperatures are on their way in a few days, so our timing was pretty good for a scarf-bombing.  Trees, lamp posts, statues, and bushes all got decorated with handmade items for people to take, and they did!

A lot of items were taken as we were putting them out in Lancaster.  One woman took a pretty crocheted scarf and thanked us.  When she walked down the street, she stopped a family coming in our direction and told them about her scarf, where she got it, and what we were doing.  How cool is that?!

After we finished in Lancaster, we headed out to Columbia.  Again, we covered signs, bushes, and trees all with handmade items that people crafted.  Not as many were taken as we were putting them, as there was a lot less foot traffic during that time of evening in Columbia, but those items will probably have owners by the end of the day today.

We did a Facebook broadcast of the Columbia scarf-bombing, which you can watch here, in case you missed it live.

Here are a few photos of the night, including those of us who participated.  Enjoy!


Jenn Dixon and Angelia Reed

Shaquena and Kyra.

Items in Lancaster, PA, USA

Hats decorating the signs at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Columbia, PA, USA.

We hope to see YOU there next time! Thanks to all who came out, made us items, collected them, and supported us.

Reminder:  Don’t forget about our upcoming fundraiser at Iron Hill Brewing Company on November 7, 2016! 

Don’t forget to get your coupons here!


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